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Writing An Expository Essay

Writing An Expository Essay

Writing an expository essay is quite a common assignment for high school or college students. Expository essays are academic papers, the main purpose of which is describing certain events or certain processes, analyzing certain concepts, ideas, artworks, or objects. In expository essay, the author is expected not only describe something and explain how something works, but also state his or her own idea or viewpoint on the specific topic. In some cases, expository essays can present even a series of opposing opinions on one or another problem or concept.

Writing An Argumentative Essay On Cloning

Argumentative Essay On Cloning

Writing an argumentative essay is a very common assignment that is very well familiar to many modern students. Such type of academic paper can be offered as an admission essay, or as a contribution to any social project. Capital punishment, cloning, legalizing guns in the US, pros and cons of euthanasia,¬† legalizing gay marriages, or other controversial and debatable concepts are the most commonly chosen topics for argumentative essays. Read on if you are the one who’ve chosen to write an argumentative essay on cloning¬† issue.

Term Paper On Cultural Diversity

term paper on cultural diversity

Cultural diversity is a very interesting social issue and interesting topic to write a term paper or an academic essay about. American society is known as one of the most multicultural, that is why most of us (especially those who live in the South) have to face the issues and difficulties related to our cultural diversity on an everyday basis. Every year our country hosts a great number of immigrants from many countries who bring their traditions, customs, habits, and lifestyle which they got used to when living in their cultural environment. That is why writing a term paper on cultural diversity in our society can be quite topical issue in our times.