The Most Common Citation And Formatting Styles For Term Papers

citation styles

There are certain rules and standards in regard to writing academic papers, and it is essential to learn as much as possible about such issues as writing style, formatting style, citation style and so on. In this regard, before writing any type of research paper, essay, term paper or other academic paper, it is very important to learn or figure out what formatting style or citation style you should use, so you must have an idea about the issue before you start your work.

As a rule, it is possible to learn from the instructor or professor what exact formatting and citation style you should follow. However, it is not always possible, and in many situations the student have to choose the appropriate formatting style and citation style according to the type and the purpose of their academic paper. It is necessary to pay a proper attention on this issue because if you failed to choose a proper style for formatting your writing and citing your academic sources (including in-text citations, footnotes, reference page, title page, and so on), you’ll have much lower chances to produce a good quality paper and receive a good grade.

To our luck, there are not too many common formatting styles: actually, those include only APA, MLA, Chicago, Turabian, and AMA formatting styles. As it was said before, they can be used according to the topic of your academic paper. For example, if your work is related to any subject on psychology, education, some social issues, etc, it is required to use APA formatting style. MLA (Modern Language Association) formatting and citation style can be used by the authors of the term papers or academic papers on all issues related to humaity, literature, arts, and so on. MLA and APA are the citation styles that are the most commonly used in colleges.

There are also other formatting styles. If you are going to write a term paper or other academic paper on the topic related to such branches as biology, medicine, health and so on, you should use AMA citation style. Chicago formatting style is more common for all academic papers based on stories, newspapers and other media publications, the topic related to real life issues and concerns, and so on. Finally, Turabian formatting style is considered general and actually can be used for any type of academic paper, from research papers to descriptive essays.


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