Tips On Writing Persuasive Essay

writing persuasive essay

Persuasive essay is one of the most common types of academic papers, and writing persuasive essay is very often offered to modern students as their assignment. The main purpose of a persuasive essay is to convince the reader and make the reader accept the writer’s point of view. Certainly, any persuasive writing should have a great deal of facts, information, interesting ideas and arguments. Writing persuasive essay is not a hard task, but there are a great deal of students who find it difficult to choose a proper topic, to follow the best and the most suitable writing style, to work with certain supporting materials, or to do proper citations and references. Below, check our some useful tips on writing persuasive essay for all today’s students to keep in mind when working on this kind of academic paper.

  • After receiving the assignment to write persuasive essay, start your work with brainstorming and thinking over finding a truly interesting and challenging topic. Remember that for producing a successful essay or academic paper, you should choose a topic which you’re truly interested in and passionate about. There is a great deal of ideas and topics to choose from, i.e. “Should driving age be increased to twenty?”, “Should marijuana be legalized?”, “Should students be required to wear uniforms?”, “Should abortions be legal?”, or many many more.
  • Then, you need to start looking for strong and valid arguments to support your point of view. For that, identifying your target audience would be one of the best tips for writing persuasive essay. You should use different approaches and different arguments if you’re writing for your fellow-students, or for a local newspaper, or just for the review of your instructor. Trying to understand the target audience values and perception can be a great tool for writing a successful persuasive essay.
  • Take your time to collect great amount of facts, data, visual materials, expert opinions, and all other sorts of supporting information for your essay. Undoubtedly, supporting your point of view with numerous factual and visual materials is a greta plus and can play a key role for producing a great and successful persuasive essay.
  • Do some brainstorming session and think closely over the topic. It can be good to invite your friends or fellow students to help you in generating as many ideas and opinions as possible. Do not forget to write down everything that came in your mind, all your ideas, arguments, opinions, or suggestions.
  • Start working on the paper. Start your paper with a short introduction where you briefly present the problem and formulate your thesis statement. Remember that you have to talk about the opposing points of view, but very briefly, too. When you mention your main arguments, you can use one of two common strategies: you can start with the strongest ones and move along to the weaker one, or begin from the weakest arguments and keep the strongest ones for the final paragraphs of the essay. Either of the strategies works great in persuasive essays.
  • Finish writing persuasive essay with composing a great conclusion which should summarize your little research on the issue and your main thesis statement. Take tome to proofread the writing, and pay a proper attention to citation and referencing issues, as well as observing the rules and requirements of the chosen formatting style.

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