Writing A Technology Research Paper

technology research paper

Technology is something that is surrounding us and defines our life. It supports virtually every aspect of modern life and makes it convenient, comfortable, pleasant, and worth living. In its true meaning, technology means using various tools, processes, materials, knowledge, activities, scientific findings, developments, and other factors to improve the environment and satisfy the needs of modern humanity. For the last few decades, technology has been developing significantly, and for modern students, years and years of academic studies can be not enough to become experts in one or other technological field. Writing a technology research paper is a very common task for most of modern students, and below there are a few tips for those who need some assistance for completing this task successfully, or possibly just wondering about the specifics of writing technology papers.

  • The first essential issue is to choose a proper topic for your technology research paper. Even if you are not very much interested in modern technological developments and do not have a deep knowledge in technological sciences, you should try to choose a topic or an issue which would evoke some excitement in you and be really challenging for you to be studied. This is necessary for producing an effective and successful research paper.
  • It is actually a pleasure and a smart idea writing about a common or an easy technology example around us. Choose a topic that will be interesting and useful for a wide variety or readers, and be sure that the topic is not too boring or too separated from the reality.
  • Do plenty of scientific research and analyze as much relevant materials as possible. Try to go from simple to more complicated things, and choose relevant supporting materials like quotations, ideas of other people, diagrams, graphs, etc. for developing your research paper.
  • Choose a proper writing style. It can be an an argumentative style, which means bringing arguments and issues to support your point of view, or a pros-and-cons style, which close to analyzing your topic and looking at it at different angles. Also, you can produce one of persuasive technology papers, showing the importance of significance of your topic.
  • Start your work with writing an introduction to present your thesis statement or an objective of your technology research paper. Keep it brief and try to do everything possible to evoke interest of your readers.
  • Go on your work with writing the body of your research paper. Use clear convincing writing style and use the examples of statistics, as well as visual materials (graphs, tables, diagrams, pictures, etc.) to develop your paper. Remember to maintain the tone of your paper throughout the whole body of the paper.
  • Write a concise and persuasive conclusion which would indicate the findings or summarize the whole work you have done when writing your technology research paper.
  • Keep in mind that technology papers have special requirements as to referencing and citing, so pay a proper attention to these issues. Be sure that reference page and/or citation totally correspond to the selected formatting style of your academic paper.
  • Do not forget to properly proofread your technology research paper before submitting it. Be sure that your paper is plagiarism free, as well as free from any errors both in calculations and grammar.



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