Writing A Teenage Pregnancy Essay

Essay On Teenage Pregnancy

The topic related to teenage pregnancy and all the issues surrounding this problem are very commonly used by modern students who are working on an argumentative essay. Sometimes it is possible to use this topic for a broader research and more thorough study by those students who’ve got an assignment to write a term paper or a research paper in sociology or psychology. However, this article is targeted to those students who need to write a teenage pregnancy essay, an academic paper which is not too large in page number and requires rather personal than scientific approach. Go on reading to learn tips and recommendations from experienced writers regarding making your time for writing argumentative essay on teenage pregnancy more effective and less stressful.

When working on a teenage pregnancy essay, it is essential to start your work with researching the issue and collecting relevant materials to help you develop your discussion. Even if you’ve got your own opinion on the issue and are going to arguing against or for supporting teenage pregnancy in modern society, take some time to read some related articles, journals, website articles or even blog posts related to the subject. You’ll learn a lot of new things or interesting ideas, and find a great deal of new arguments and facts from teenage pregnancy supporters or opponents. Also, when working on an argumentative essay on teenage pregnancy, keep in mind the idea that a good argumentative essay must present not only the author’s viewpoint, but also the viewpoint of the opponent side. That is why try to collect facts and information from both proponents and opponents of the issue.

As I said before, in contrast to term papers or research papers, argumentative papers usually do not require any serious research or analysis of the available statistical material. However, if we are talking about the issue of teenage pregnancy of modern times, it can be actually very good and advantageous for your academic paper to bring up some statistical information about teenage pregnancy rates, or current percentage of how many teenage pregnancy cases end up with pregnancy termination, or the rates of teenage pregnancy in the developed and developing countries of the world, etc. etc. By doing so, you’ll be able to compare and analyze this information, this way creating more arguments to support your point of view. Make sure that that statistical information you’re using is up-to-date and taken only from reputable academic sources, either printed or online ones.

Also, when thinking over your arguments and looking for new ideas to support your viewpoint, do not forget about the opportunity to analyze the issue from a time-related perspective. Think of possible consequences of increasing teenage pregnancy rates in the nearest future, what kind of social changes will this bring to? What kind of challenges teenage moms of our times have to face, and whether they are able to find effective solutions for their problems? What kind of attitude modern society demonstrates toward teenage moms? Is there anything can be done to make teenage girls better understand the consequences of teenage pregnancy and the effects of it on their future life? Ask yourself this kind of questions and try to find answers, this way generate more and more ideas related to your point of view.

Finally, when working on your teenage pregnancy essay, make sure to follow all the requirements and rules of academic writing. Make sure that your academic essay has a clear introduction with a clear thesis statement or the viewpoint you’re going to defend. Make sure that in your paper body you present your arguments in a strict logic, from the most important to the less important ones, or vice versa: from the least important to the most important ones. It is very important to write a concise and interesting conclusion for your academic essay on teenage pregnancy. Follow the selected writing style which should not be too dry and too scientific. Make sure to make necessary citations and create a reference page according to the standards and requirements of the selected formatting style. Do not forget to proofread your teenage pregnancy essay before submitting it.


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