Writing An Argumentative Essay On Cloning

Argumentative Essay On Cloning

Writing an argumentative essay is a very common assignment that is very well familiar to many modern students. Such type of academic paper can be offered as an admission essay, or as a contribution to any social project. Capital punishment, cloning, legalizing guns in the US, pros and cons of euthanasia,¬† legalizing gay marriages, or other controversial and debatable concepts are the most commonly chosen topics for argumentative essays. Read on if you are the one who’ve chosen to write an argumentative essay on cloning¬† issue.

Speaking about cloning means receiving and growing up new organisms, starting from as small as bacteria and aphids, and ending up with animals and humans, in biological labs. This issue became important and very vividly debatable within the last 10-15 years, when the perspectives of cloning human embryo is possible. Certainly, the main controversy of this issue is linked to cloning human embryos, and that’s what you need to be focused in when working on your argumentative essay on cloning issue. Fortunately, nowadays there is a plenty of material on this matter as the issue of cloning is widely discussed in many printed and online mass media.

As it is common for all argumentative essays, such essay should present both pros and cons of the issue that is being discussed, that is why for writing a successful argumentative essay on cloning you should learn as much as possible about the arguments of both sides of public discussion. The proponents of cloning support this concept if it is strictly controlled and regulated as a very important scientific practice which can give humanity keys for treatments of many diseases, and possible even eternal life. Besides, they claim that cloning can help us receive perfect material for body organ transplantation which can help us improve our health and live longer.

On the other hand, those who oppose cloning claim that it will be very hard to control this issue, especially later on when cloning a human embryo will turn into a quite easy procedure. They say that cloning may lead to diversities and other difficulties between those people who came to this world in a natural way, and those who were cloned. Those are just a few arguments one can consider when writing an argumentative essay on cloning. Remember that it is very important to present the arguments in a logical sequence, and it is possible to start from the weakest to the strongest, or from the strongest to the weakest. Pay attention to the writing style and keep your reader interested throughout the whole essay.

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