Writing Argumentative Essays

How To Write Argumentative Essay

Students of various colleges and universities sooner or later find themselves looking for an answer to the question how to write an argumentative essay. This is one of the commonest and the most interesting type of academic paper to work on. Argumentative essays or argumentative research papers offer the students a wide field for demonstrating own individuality and creativity, for showing own interesting viewpoint or opinion, and supporting it with the most extraordinary and persuasive argument. Generally speaking, writing argumentative essays is a great challenge!

The most interesting factor about argumentative essay is the necessity to discuss both sides of the issue, or in other words present both your position and the arguments of your opponents. Therefore, if you are free to choose your topic for your argumentative essay, you should stick with something that is definitely controversial, something that will give you a wide space for arguing and addressing to numerous pros and cons. The most popular topics for argumentative essays embrace such problems as cloning, death penalty, legalizing guns, legalizing euthanasia, same sex marriage, and others. Choose the one that you feel the most comfortable with, and start doing your research.

It is very important when working on your argumentative essay to organize your ideas correctly. There are actually two approaches to that. One is starting with the weakest points to support your opinion, and end up with the strongest and the most persuasive ones. This way you will be able to keep interest of your reader till the very end of the paper. Another more common approach is starting with the strongest supporting arguments, and mentioning the weaker ones in the end of the paper. This can help you attract the attention of the reader from the very beginning, and then make him follow your train of thoughts.

Those who are wondering about more details and info on how to write an argumentative essay can use other online resources which are plenty in today’s online society. Stick with the recommendations, make a plan for your writing, think over every single argument and supporting idea, pay necessary attention to your writing style, reference and site everything properly, and finally proofread your academic essay – this way you’ll ensure your way to achieving great success with your argumentative assay and rise your chances to receive an A grade. Good luck with your argumentative essay, my friend!

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